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Israeli Bandage for Haemorrhage Control


Haemorrhage control is a ‘bread and butter’ pre-hospital skill which occasionally takes a back seat whilst assessments and other interventions are performed. Sometimes, the time and effort involved are the reason for the delay. The Israeli bandage seeks to minimise this.
For example, a penetrating abdominal wound may exsanguinate in just a few minutes. Such an injury may be difficult to control due to its large central location, wide abdominal circumference and the patient’s presentation including conscious state, position, ease of access and ease (or difficulty) of movement/re-positioning. Any or all of these may contribute to the delay in appropriate haemorrhage control with conventional dressings of a combine, bandage and possibly tourniquet.
The Israeli bandage is available in different sizes for varying wound sizes and locations. The innovative design provides a ‘three-in-one’ approach to haemorrhage control; a sterile, non-adherent combine dressing contained within a crepe bandage and tourniquet usability.
This means the combine dressing will not stick to the wound when it is removed, the crepe bandage component can be applied with less ‘wrapping’ than a traditional crepe bandage and diffuse pressure (rather than the extremely localised pressure of a tourniquet) can easily be applied to the injury area by securing an in-built fastener which tightens the dressing. Pressure can also be re-adjusted easily without removing the bandage. Application time is evidently reduced, as only one device needs to be applied and with less effort. This has a valuable role in a first aid kit too, where you might be self-treating should you suffer a bleeding injury.
Separate to the Israeli bandage’s functionality is how the product is packaged; individually and vacuum-sealed to maintain sterility and save space. This both frees up room in a response kit and reduces rummaging through separate pieces of equipment.
The Israeli bandage is an essential tool for an emergency response kit, both in an ambulance and for the end-user seeking to add value to their own first aid kit. Should you, someone in close proximity, or a call-out patient suffer a serious bleeding wound, this bandage may well save a life.

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