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MAT Tourniquet- Mechanical Advantage Tourniquet -

PYNG Medical

MAT Tourniquet- Mechanical Advantage Tourniquet

$ 44.95 $ 69.99

The Mechanical Advantage Tourniquet (MAT) represents one of the most current advances in trauma and critical care. The rapid application and complete arterial occlusion achieved by the MAT combat tourniquet is critically important in prehospital care-in combat, accident, and disaster situations, alike. With the MAT, aeterial bleed is typically stopped within 10 seconds... providing significantly increased patient survivability in critical care trauma prior to and also in emergency room treatment. MAT provides simultaneous, complete circumferential compression -- resulting in quick, safe and most effective occlusion of blood flow. MAT's unique Mechanical Advantage System provides the most powerful means of constriction -- with simple and quick turning of tightening tab. Easy, fast and secure one- handed operation. Application and blood flow occlusion in under 10 seconds!

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